Foot Operated Treadle Pumps


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The Treadle Pump

The one and the only pump of its kind ever made.

Treadle pumps are in use from a very long time, but only in improvised versions.
The Basic Treadle Pump consists of two metal cylinders with pistons that are operated by a natural walking motion on two treadles.

The pump’s low cost makes it accessible to even very poor farmers who can use it to grow dry-season vegetables for home consumption and for sale. Since 1985, when some NGOs first began promoting the treadle pump in Bangladesh, about two million treadle pumps have been installed worldwide. These are suited for manually irrigating small land holdings of one hectare or less. Treadle pumps has significant advantages over motorized pumps for irrigation of agricultural land of less than one hectare. This is less expensive than motorized pumps. Costs much less to operate, having no fuel and practically no maintenance. Most importantly it can be used in inaccessible and remote places with no electricity, near any water source. With the user’s body weight and leg muscles in a comfortable walking motion, the use of the pump can be sustained for extended periods of time without excessive fatigue. The treadle pump is much less tiring than other manual pumps that utilize the upper body and relatively weak arm muscles with much lower discharge.

Our Pedal Pump follows the same basic principle of the reciprocating suction pump but with the following distinct features:
 The pump manifold and fittings, cylinders and pistons are all made from injection molded engineering durable thermoplastic with close tolerances and with every component designed with ribs and reinforced sections to meet the most stringent conditions of wear and tear.
 The whole unit including the fabricated structure is portably designed in such a way that it weighs just 12kgs so a person weighing 60 kg should easily carry the unit, then should be able to suck upto 5000lph water from upto 7mtrs depth and pump it to a level upto 15mtr. a pressure enough to run a drip /sprinkler irrigation system or to transfer water to long distances upto 500mtrs.
 The pump has a metal frame structure to support the thermoplastic “Cylinder-Piston manifold block assembly” in the firm position. The hollow steel powder coated frame structure is designed in such a manner that the plastic molded assembly doesn’t require to be bolted or fixed. It is secured perfectly in place protected from mechanical strains.
 The piston design and the mounting of the rubber gaskets is aimed to get minimum frictional losses.
 The one and the only pressure treadle pump of its kind. The only alternate solution to electric pump.
 No operating cost. Simple & effortless pedaling/stepping motion.
 Very efficient design to give best results with minimum muscle power.
 Available in 1.5” & 2” nipples for connecting the inlet & outlet pipes.
 Water from nearby natural sources like rivers, lakes, ponds etc can be brought and stored for irrigation by means of The Treadle pump into simple manmade reservoirs with simple and low cost pond liners.

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